We’re currently doing the whole game again with new graphics. The trailer below is not representative of the game’s visuals.

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Orphan is a 2D adventure game that tells the story of an orphan boy, trying to track down what’s left of his family. It aims to touch upon such themes as childhood and parenting in a way no video game has done before.

Orphan will feature a huge amount of written dialogue. It aims to have high quality writing that you can’t find in many video games.

Dialogue will feel very natural and your choices will have great effects on the ending. Orphan will feature different endings corresponding to your actions and choices you make.

Orphan is a game that focuses on story-telling with artistic mini games. Taking inspiration from games like Dys4ia, Experiment 12, Braid, and movies like Gummo; it will be a special experience for players looking for something new and exciting.

Orphan features the music of very talented friends Radio for the Daydreamers and Midnight Moodswings.

Programming is done by Talha Kaya of Kayabros.

Orphan is a hundred percent independent art. We put all our love into making it. Thanks for supporting independent art. You’re awesome.


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Screenshots are available in the presskit.